Monday, 9 January 2017

Ruby Catwa Head Appliers

Ruby for Catwa heads, is finally released at the Lumae Main Store!

These appliers are specifically made for Catwa heads ONLY and will work on both un-Bento Catwa heads and the newest Catya Bento head. As we all know, each head has its own unique features and this skin does fit the majority of them beautifully.

Also included are body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, SLink, Omega and The Mesh Project, as well as ear appliers for LOGO, Bentbox and Soul Uni Ears. Leevi Ears in matching tones are also inside the package as well as FACELESS system skins for those who use mesh heads with their system body or for those who find a slight gap between the mesh head / mesh body that they use because of alpha issues. I also included shapes and a starter Bento shape for those with the Catya Bento head. All shapes are modifyable.

Ruby is available in all 10 tones!

Taxi to Lumae Main Store - Ruby is with the new skins on the Left side of the store.

Ruby for Catwa - Bare

Friday, 16 December 2016

The 13th Day of Christmas Advent Calender

All through the month of December, you can find a new gift each day by visiting 1313 Mockingbird Lane and clicking that days door on the Advent Calender to the left as you enter the store. The gift is only available for that day so make sure you grab it!

The 13th Day of Christmas Advent Calendar Event

For the 16th of December, Lumae will have a special gift for free inside door number 16. This is a special preview of the newest skin I am working on for Catwa heads called Ruby. She comes in Tone 4, in a special Frozen edition which is perfect for the chilly winter weather. Also included are all body appliers, ear appliers, Leevi ears in 3 sizes and regular shapes and Bento shapes for the Catwa Catya Bento head... also included are the Frozen headchains that you can see in the picture below and two other headchain sets called Eclipse and Celestial.

This skin is ONLY FOR CATWA and will not work on any other heads. Please do not ask about it being made for other heads as it is painted to fit Catwa only. Other skins for other heads will be available soon.

The gift will only be available in the Advent for today, but I will place it out in my store from the 17th so you can grab it then if you are unable to get it today. Don't forget to go back every day to collect the other wonderful gifts!

Taxi to 1313 Mockingbird Lane

Catwa Applier - Ruby - T4 - Frozen

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Yulia LeLutka Head Appliers

Its been a while since there has been a release due to taking some time away for RL. Im still not 100% back into SL yet but I have been finishing a few things that I had been working on over the last few months.

Yulia is one of these projects. She is tailored to fit the LeLutka range of mesh heads and as such, will not work on other mesh heads. She comes with all the usual head options such as freckle and eyebrow options. Also included are 8 lipstick colours with each tone. As usual, all body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, SLink, Omega and TMP are included. There are also FACELESS system skins included that can come in handy now and then. Also included are ear appliers for Soul Uni Ears, LOGO Expressive Ears and Bentbox Ears as well as Leevi ears in three sizes and modifyable system shape.

The skin is available in 8 tones and will be available from MIDNIGHT SLT on 30th November @ Lumae Main store only. You can find her in the left side of the store.

Taxi to Lumae Mainstore

Yulia - LeLutka - Bare

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Catwa Applier Updates

So as everyone will know .. I have been using the Omega scripts inside my Catwa Appliers that are on the Head HUD in the Eirtae skins. This is about to change!

I was originally using Omega scripting instead of the Catwa scripting that they provide with their developer kit, because I couldn't get the Catwa scripts to work. I have no idea what I was doing wrong, clearly I was missing something. So I sat there and read through everything again and tried again. This time after a bit of experimenting.. it worked!

So to make life easier for people using my skins, I have been updating the Catwa appliers on my head HUD : replacing the Omega scripts in the Catwa Buttons with the Catwa scripts. This now means you will no longer need to wear the Omega Catwa Relay when wearing my skins on your Catwa Head.

BEAR IN MIND! This is a process and will ONLY apply to the Eirtae skins and then the Sabine skins once they are fully released. The picture below shows which skins SO FAR, no longer need the Relay to work. I am working on the remaining few and those will be updated over the weekend.

Grab a redelivery from the store to get the updated head applier!

Catwa Updated Appliers

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

We Love Roleplay - September

We Love Roleplay has opened and runs until 30th September!

I have made SIX brand new fantasy tones for the Eirtae skin line, in a set of shimmery darker colours!

Each skin is half price for the duration of the event there is also a FATPACK option available where you can buy all six skins at a discounted price.

Taxi to We Love Roleplay

You can find Lumae on the South West side of the sim

Lumae - Eirtae - Phaerl Lumae - Eirtae - Lorelai

Lumae - Eirtae - Sarya Lumae - Eirtae - Aurae

Lumae - Eirtae - Elora Lumae - Eirtae - Yrlissa

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Buy Now - September

Can you believe August has disappeared already? Wow! Well now its time for Buy Now - September!

I've been promising a new face for a while now and so I have been working non-stop over the last week to get one ready for Buy Now.. unfortunately I ran out of time to do all of the heads thanks to a particularly difficult encounter with a nose that didn't want to be painted right *laughs* and some of you will have heard of my woes on Facebook and in group chat.

So for this round of Buy Now, I have done a special preview for Catwa Mesh Heads ONLY in three tones of the new face called Sabine. I know, I know... Im going to get a lot of grief for it but I hope you will forgive me eventually! After all, I have made these 100L each!

Sabine will be full packages in future releases, but for now.. I hope you will enjoy her on the Catwa heads!

Direct link to Sabine by Lumae on the Marketplace

Lumae - Sabine T4 - Catwa Only - Starlight

Lumae - Sabine T5 - Catwa Only - Starlight

Lumae - Sabine T6 - Catwa Only - Starlight

Monday, 15 August 2016


Genre is open and this month, the theme is Burlesque!

I have made Eirtae in four tones in a new make up called Showgirl. The skin is 100L per tone and it includes all the system skin options as well as all the head, body, mouth and ear appliers that I currently support.

Taxi to Genre

Yes the event is above Analog Dog. If the URL takes you to ground level, click it again while in the sim and you should be teleported up to the event area.

Lumae - Eirtae - Showgirl T4 Lumae - Eirtae - Showgirl T5

Lumae - Eirtae - Showgirl T6 Lumae - Eirtae - Showgirl T7